Leica MP240 50mm Noctilux f/1.0 with 3 stop ND filter.


Enzo Ferrari once called it ‘The most beautiful car in the world’, and honestly, I have to agree. When I was 10, my Dad and I built a Tamiya plastic model kit of the Jaguar e-type and I painted it in the original color, Regency Red.

The last few years have really changed my perspective on life, whats important and what matters with the event of covid, me having to lock down even more carefully and continually than others due to health issues and the loss of my father.

So I decided to bring that boyhood dream of my Dad’s and mine to life finally, and purchase a 1971 Jaguar e-type 2+2 coupe with the v12 engine! It has been a California car since the original purchase and sat the last 25 years in a storage container, completely intact and preserved with the original paint (in Regency Red!) and leather interior and 38,000 miles. Thankfully it also has the factory installed Air Conditioner, something very much needed here in LA.

After a full mechanical inspection and overhall, its now my daily driver – and one I plan on putting many miles on for the rest of my life, for my Dad and I.