I love this news – Leica announced today they are re-releasing an updated Leica M6!

Between 1984 and 2002 Leica produced almost 175,000 units of the original M6 camera with a built in light meter and the always wonderful Leica build quality. It very much cemented its place as an icon of analog photography.

Cut to 2022 and film photography is is enjoying an incredible resurgence. Kodak is hiring like crazy to keep up with the demand of film, which when you think only 10 years ago was about to file for bankruptcy, is amazing news.

When I listed the Leica factory in Wetzlar, Germany a few years ago, there was talk of continued support of film from Leica. I already own their current MP camera, but reimagining an icon like the M6, I think, makes even more sense with how much people are flocking back to analog photography.

The M6 will now be all brass (which is awesome!) and has new upgraded and modern digital internals for the light meter, a battery life indicator and new coatings along with the much improved MP viewfinder.

This new Leica M6 is available globally from November 3, 2022. The retail price will be $5,295 / £4,500. If I didn’t already have the MP… I would be ordering this today! 😀