Photo Basecamp was born out of an idea that there is very little photo specific information available relating to locations. For any photographer, amateur or professional, the first thing they do when planning a trip is to check what there is photograph. Your partner may be booking the flights and hotels but you are doing the important things, like checking sunrise times and good lookouts. However, experience has shown that photo research often ends up with links to tourism websites and wedding photographers in the area. This inevitably ends up with a poorly thought out photo experience when time is often of the essence as the kids are screaming in the car, or the weather takes a turn for the worst in your only night at the Grand Canyon. Surely we can do better than this and present it in a fun and interesting way? Welcome to Photo Basecamp.

We aim to present information about a location in a fun and informative way. We dont claim to know every spot in every location, or to give you the the only ideas for a shot. We do however promise to write about locations as we saw it, with our personal experiences and tips we found that we wish we had had prior to our travels. This may be a recommendation to visit the number 1 cliched shot in the world that is Tunnel View at Yosemite, or perhaps to try a view that is hard to find at sunset. You may also find advice on places to stay or to eat. After all travel is all about a complete experience..and often keeping the rest of the family happy that you may have just walked with for 2 hrs in the back streets of Hong Kong.

Both Chris and Mike have extensive photographic experience and more can be read about Chris HERE, and Mike HERE. We both felt that as well as our travel photography advice we have a lot to offer for general advice such as shooting, editing and workflows etc. As time progresses we will be adding these to our site, along with our extensive location advice.

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