Leica MP240 21mm Super Elmar f/3.4


The Grand Canal is a location that has been VERY heavily photographed – and for good reason; It’s spectacular! The entire city is just a photography paradise. Every inch is covered in historic buildings, details, and colors. Mixed with the romanticism of the gondolas and the winter sunlight seeping through the narrow streets and glowing off the windows and painted facades and bouncing off the water below.

I took this photo on the main water taxi, hanging off the front with my camera dangling from my neck and almost touching the water below! I loved the light, the more modern boat juxtaposed against the gondola in the foreground and yellow sunset against the deep blues and greens of the water.

I need to write a much more in depth article for Venice. I kept a detailed, logged journal of all the laneways and locations that I photographed in to create an ultimate Photo Walking Tour. I will post it soon!