Leica MP240 21mm Super Elmar at 1/60sec f3.4 ISO1000


Saint Chapelle Cathedral in Paris would have to be a top 5 location in the world that I have visited. I have been lucky enough to visit twice now, and both times it has taken my breath away.

Built in 1238, the Cathedral houses some of the oldest examples of stained glass windows in the world. The entire upper level is surround in stain-glass windows which tell the full story of the bible. The detail is just amazing.

The inside of the cathedral is quite deceiving and I suspect many visitors miss the main attraction. When you enter, the lower level has very small but beautifully painted ceilings. This floor is quite impressive, but nothing compared to what is upstairs. The tiny spiral staircase in housed in the back corner within one of the stone walls is so easy to miss, but once you go up and see what is waiting, its truly amazing.

I used my wide angle 21mm lens here to capture as much of the inside as possible. It is very dark inside, even on a bright day and tripods are not allowed. So I had to go high on the ISO and the widest aperture for this lens to take a handheld shot. I was so happy with this image when I returned home and downloaded it – the sharpness and detail is all there, with very little noise. It looks great printed in a large format.

This was my Shot of the Day!


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