Canon 400D (Rebel XSI) 17-85mm EFS Lens at 1/60sec f6.3 ISO100


I was lucky enough to travel to Japan a number of times for work and fell in love with the country. My wife I ended up travelling there soon after this first trip where we ventured further afield from Tokyo to see move of the traditional parts of the country which took us to Kyoto.

Whilst walking around the old part of Kyoto near the markets I couldn’t believe my luck… just ahead of me was a traditional Japanese Geisha! Talk about the classic Japan photo. I caught up to her, bowed politely and raised my camera. She understood, nodded and let me take 2 photos before moving on.

I took this shot with my first SLR camera, the Canon 400D (Rebel XSI) with the kit lens that it came with, a simple 17-85mm zoom). I recently reprocessed these photos in Lightroom and was surprised at how much information was in them. Daylight shots really held up well on its 10 megapixel sensor.

This was my Shot of the Day!


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