Leica MP240 35mm Summilux 1.4 FLE at 1/30sec f/1.4 ISO400


Whilst walking through San Diego’s Little Italy district I came across this great retro looking barber shop. Initially what took my eye was the signage, the cool looking lights and fixtures and the overall set up of the store.

However, I decided to wait as I felt the image would work a lot better if there was someone inside to set the scene. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long as a customer soon entered. I started taking photos as soon as he walked into the store and took off his coat, but it really came together when he finally sat in the chair.

Both the barber and the customer had exactly the right ‘look’ about them. The barber with his slicked hair and arm sleeve of tattoo’s and then the customer, who to me almost matched the guy in the logo on the window! It was if he had just happened to come into the store that day!

Of the three of for photos I took, this one really stood out due to he look the barber was giving, as though they were both checking out his work in the mirror.

I edited this in Silver EFX Pro and used the TRI-X 400 film as I really wanted that extra grain to help add to that old look to the image making it my shot of the day!