Leica MP240 35mm Summilux 1.4 FLE at 1/500sec f5.6 ISO200


One of my favorite cities in the world is San Francisco. I used to love visiting the city when I lived in Australia, and now that I am much closer in LA we try and travel up their often.

The city reminds me of a mixture of Melbourne and Sydney with the bridge and bay along with the great restaurants and coffee. I’m also a big fan of the old film noir and suspense films that were set in San Francisco, so photographing in black and white to me gives it a very Hitchcock feel.

This shot was late in the day looking back down Powell towards Union Square. I had just visited the Leica Gallery nearby and one of their excellent exhibitions and we were waiting for a cable car to get some dinner. The light breaking through the gap of Union Square and between some of the buildings, along with the long shadows being cast looked amazing. It was also a rare moment of no cars, removing the more modern feel from the image, and giving it a more timeless look.

I edited this shot quite a lot in Silver EFX Pro. I really worked the light and shadow areas to help enhance the already special light that was filtering through the city. I wanted to pick certain details to show off whilst letting others fall away into darkness.

This is my San Fran Hitchcock shot of the day!