Canon G10 – No idea on the settings! All of that information seems to not have copied over to Lightroom from 15 years ago!


When re-organizing my Lightroom catalog (look out for a great tips and tricks article coming from Chris soon about this), I came across this image that I totally forgot I took!

It was in Singapore in 2003 and my wife and I had travelled there for a break over Christmas. We love Singapore for both the amazing food and great people. It’s such an awesome city to travel around as everything is so close and accessible.

Often people think Singapore is quite sterile, and compared to many Asian countries, it can be. But there is so much great culture, food, buildings and temples to explore once you venture out of Orchard Road.

This photo was taken whilst walking around the Little India section of the city. It made me laugh then and it made me laugh again now! Thats what I love about photography. Its not just creating great images, but capturing a moment and memory, and this image reminded me of the fun my wife and I had on this trip all those years ago.