Leica MP240 35mm Summilux 1.4 FLE at 1/400sec f1.4 ISO500


I love street photography, and fortunately, when traveling, both my wife and I enjoy trips the most when we don’t have a plan and just wonder around a city. Take in the sights, eat the food and just discover a place.

This photo of the classic London Cab came about this way. We were walking towards Oxford Street I really liked both the surrounding buildings and the lighter colored background of the building in the distance. I thought this would really work well contrast wise with the dark cab in the foreground.

I imagined this photo in monochrome when I took it. I knew the high contrast shadows and highlights on the taxi would really look great. I shot this using my Leica M and 35mm Summulix lens set to f1.4 to drop the background out of focus and really set the focus on the taxi in the front of the frame.

When framing this image, I tried to get as many leading lines towards the taxi as possible along with giving enough negative space around the cab to help it stand out. I shot it straight on as I didn’t want to get too low or two high with the buildings as well to ensure they would keep their straight lines.

I edited the shot in Silver EFX Pro and used the high structure settings along with spot adjustments to really bring out the reflections and light bouncing off the smooth surface of the black paint on the taxi and the glass windows.

This is my shot of the day!