Canon EOS 400D EFS 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM at 1/60sec f/5.6 ISO100


Japan is one of the most fascinating and wonderful countries in the world to visit and photograph. The culture is incredibly interesting, the food amazing and the people are so kind and polite, making it a pleasure of a place to travel. My last trip to Japan was back in 2008 and I recently reloaded and edited some of the photos where my wife and I traveled to Tokyo, Mt Fuji and Kyoto.

I was surprised with how much I was able to still get from the older Canon 400D sensor which was only 10 megapixels! Some of these files become very grainy, even at quite low ISO settings and I have found editing them further within Silver EFX PRO has allowed me to push the files more than I would have been able to when they were taken. I really worked the tones in this shot to get as much range as I could from it, accentuating the flare and falloff in the sky and pushing the structure within the foreground details. I will post a detailed workflow within Silver EFX Pro, so look out for that soon.