Leica MP240 Summilux 1.4 FLE at 1/750 sec f1.4 ISO 200


I love photographing classic cars. As a kid growing up, the 1950’s Chevy’s were always my favorite cars. I had pictures of them stuck on my bedroom walls. Recently, in the small town of Monrovia, California about 20 miles North East of Downtown LA, they held their annual Classic Car and Hot Rod Show. There were approximately 200 cars in the show, but this one really stood out, both because of the colors, but also the location; which was one of the smaller side streets that had some great trees as a backdrop.

When photographing cars I always try to get interesting angles and one that seems to always work well is getting low. These cars with the big grill and chrome already have an imposing look, so this angle really helps accentuate that.

I had also planned to show some of the trees in the background and with a very shallow depth of field, f1.4 in this case, I would get that great bokeh and 3D pop effect with the car standing out the foreground.

I try to expose the shot for the highlights, knowing I didn’t want to lose the really nice details in the windshield and in the chrome accents. I checked the histogram right after I shot this to ensure the details in the tyre and shadow under the car were not getting lost as well.

So that’s my Shot of the Day!


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