I have a bit of a love / hate feeling about Tahoe. On the love side, the lake and the surrounding landscape is beautiful. The color of the water is amazing, as is the surrounding landscape. But, on the hate side is the resort like city that borders with the adjacent Stateline, Nevada; filled with seedy casinos and chain-like bars and restaurants, it feels like and assault to the beauty surrounding it.

To me, its American commercialization at its worst, so there are no guesses as to which part I will be focusing on this article. But I wanted to mention it because I was surprised when I got there. I expected more of true national park experience and instead got the equivalent of a hobo peeing into a fancy marble fountain!


Camera Gear Used

  • Fuji X100T
  • Fuji Wide Angle Extension Lens
  • Fuji Telephoto Extension Lens
  • B&W UV Filter
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South Lake Tahoe is open year round and depending on what time of year you travel there will totally change your experience. Summer and Spring months are warm and there are a lot water sports on the lake. Winter will be very busy and totally covered in snow. Fall is a great time as you can still get great weather, but also the changing colors of the trees.

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The obvious main feature of South Lake Tahoe is the lake! A maximum depth of 1645 feet (500 meters), Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in North America. Around 22 miles long (35kms) and 12 miles (19kms) wide, the lake is truly huge. But what really stands out is the color. The most amazing blue, it changes hue as it gets deeper and looks incredible when photographed.

I was using my Fuji X100T with the fixed 23mm (35mm equivalent lens on the cropped sensor) whilst on this trip. One thing that still stands out with this camera is the great Fuji colors. The sensor in the Fuji line of camera is great. The color is so vivid without any processing which I personally love.

I was visiting Tahoe during the fall (October) which is great time to travel through the United States and the national parks. You still get great weather, but the changing colors on the trees really adds that extra pop of color and and magic to these locations.

The lake and surrounding areas are very easy to navigate as most of it can be accessed via the State Highway 50. Its one of those locations where you drive, get out, take a photo, drive, get out, take a photo and travel vey little distance between each stop!

I tried to get a range of different images while I was there. I really liked the rocks and trees surrounding the lake and how the colors contrasted with the blue of the lake.

When I look back on these images, I’m surprised that I like anything that I photographed. The location really turned me off because of this false idea I had about the place. I started this article expecting a certain thing, a pristine national park like location, and found casinos instead. But when I think about it, thats what is great about travel. Being surprised, finding the unexpected, and sometimes being forced outside of the confines of the easy and normal to go out an explore deeper. South Lake Tahoe did this for me and I would love to go back and really try to experience it anew and away from the confines of the city.

And can you imagine this scenery and lake in the winter – the snow would make it magical!

Location Images

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