Canon 5DsR EF16-35mm f/4L USM at 10 sec f16 ISO250


This cave is seen by taking the Rukiri cave tour at Waitomo Caves on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand. The main glowworm tour doesnt permit photography, but this tour, along with the Aranui tour, does allow cameras and tripods. There isnt much time to take a photo as the tour must continue walking thru long dark tunnels. Our guide was superb at giving me some time and keeping things moving. Its important to remember as photographers not to be inconsiderate with groups of people. Many will be using their phones with a flash, so have no understanding of why you need more time so dont hold people up

At the end of the tunnel you end up as this magnificent cave of stunning stalactites. It reminded me of the cave at the end of an Indiana Jones movie. There is ample time to setup a tripod and get a good shot. Once again, our guide was great at giving me some time and taking photos of groups for them.  Overall a great place to visit and to learn about the creation of these amazing land forms.


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