I am so saddened to see and hear about the horrific effect that the Corona Virus has had on New York in the last month or so. My wife and I visited for the first time over the Christmas break late last year and totally fell in love with the city, the colorful people, the amazing food and museums. So to see the devastating toll that Corona has taken over this wonderful city and people has really hit home.

I have been using some of my quarantine time to catch up on developing and scanning film which included a few remaining rolls from our trip to New York taken with both my Leica MP and the Fuji TX-1 aka the XPAN.

It really stood out how so shortly ago our world was in such a different position. People out shopping and celebrating Christmas and the New Year, the city packed with cheer and making wonderful memories to the stark contrast of only a few months later.

Some of my favorite photos from the trip were taken on film, especially on Cinestill 50D, and as I was scanning them, I wanted to put a few together as a bit of an ode to this wonderful city and my hope for recovery and remembrance of those who sadly succumbed to this terrible virus.