The land of the rising sun awaits…

Next week sees both Mike and I travel together to Japan for a heavy photo related holiday for 9 days. It is a chance for us to catch up, document Japan together, tease each other and drive the odd go kart in Tokyo.

We have narrowed down our itinerary to just Tokyo and Kyoto with some small trips out of Kyoto. As much as we wanted to see more, we felt it best to see more of both of these locations and give them the time that they deserve. We have a long list of definitive places we want to see and shop but we hope to be able to slowly meander thru the streets taking the time to properly photograph.

Shopping wise, I have my eyes on a Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art lens. I have read a lot about this and it looks like an amazing portrait and low light lens. As for Mike, well lets just say, Japan’s economy might see a boost never before witnessed.

We will of course be documenting everything, and many articles will come out of this trip which we look forward to sharing with everyone.