Canon 5D Mark II EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM at 0.5 sec f14 ISO100


Sedona is one of our family’s favourite places we have visited. It is right in the middle of Arizona, near the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff. A very eclectic and alternative town with some wonderful attractions and activities. To highlight how alternative Sedona is, even McDonalds is not able to use its yellow logo, and uses a green logo to help blend into the landscape.


This shot of the day image is an easy spot to find and is called ‘Airport Mesa’. It is located on Airport Rd, on the way to the airport funnily enough. Very well signposted.  This shot was taken at sunset and at this time, the rocks glow with their natural red colour in spectacular fashion. The main feature is called Courthouse Butte and just sets a brilliant backdrop to the town.

I vow to visit Sedona again ASAP and hit the mountain bike trails. With a camera of course! This was my  ‘shot of the day.’