Canon 5D Mark II EF17-40mm f/4L USM at 6sec f20 ISO50


Narooma has been an annual Easter time trip for our family for about 10 years now. It is a classic Australian coastal fishing town. Lots of caravans, beaches, seals and fish! One of our favourite beaches is Glasshouse Rocks Beach which has amazing rock features. It has become a famous landmark, but not many people are aware of its location or how to get to it.

It is accessible by a small walking path from the cemetery at the end of Glasshouse Rocks Rd. You walk for about 50m thru shrub until you reach the northern end of the beach. Any time of the day is great for photographing around here and there are also fabulous rockpools which are great for the family. As you take your award winning shots of course!

The sun sets behind you about 1hr before sunset as there is a large hill behind. So plan on getting there early if you want the golden hour. The day I took this I was able to witness great light and a fantastic sky that just explodes behind the rock. I love long shutter speeds for water to get a sily look and to help saturate colours. Small tweaks in post processing help to bring out the richness in the rock and saturate the sky.

This was my Shot of the Day!


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