Canon 5D Mark III EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM at 25 sec f14 ISO100


Im going to start this post by being honest. I only initially visited Gardens By The Bay to escape Singapore’s oppressive humidity. I am not too interested in photographing flowers or dealing with crowds. Generally I handle heat well, but walking around all day in the summer means an escape was necessary. Gardens By The Bay offers some fantastic respite inside and is actually a wonderful place to visit for anyone. I greatly enjoyed it, and it will feature in a larger article soon.

This image however was taken a few days later on a sunset walk around Marina Bay. The walk specifically goes south towards the Singapore Strait, across the footbridge at the mouth of Marina Bay and up the east side near the golf course. You will be greeted with many people running, bike riders and otters. Yes you read that right. Otters. I did think that otters only lived in quaint English streams surrounded by green meadows, but soon worked out that they are equally happy living in busy bodies of water, in large cities in the tropics.

Gardens By The Bay is awesome closeup under the ‘trees’ but I wanted something a little different with the skyline. This is shot with a 70-200mm at 200mm. i dont think its anything special composition wise but I just like how the colours popped against the backdrop of skyscrapers from across the bay. F14 helps to keep all of this in focus and enables a far longer shutter to make the water silky smooth. This was my hot, sweaty ‘shot of the day’.

Let me remind everyone of a great tip for hot, humid climates here.