Today Leica annouced the Leica M10 ‘Safari Edition’ camera and lens combination. The olive green paint color is one that Leica has been doing since the 1960’s, and for me, one of the best looking and most worthwhile of the special editions that Leica produces.

But, what I find more interesting with this announcement is that Leica is following very much the same release schedule as the previous M240 series. Based on the dates below, I believe the Monchrome edition of the M10 will be released in the next two to three months around late March or sometime in April.

Leica M Release Schedule:

Leica M 240                                       April 2013

Leica M-P 240                                   September 2014 (17 months later)

Leica M 240 Safari Edition                February 2015 (5 months later)

Leica M 246 Monochrome                April 2015 (2 months later)


Leica M 10                                          January 2017

Leica M 10 P                                      August 2018 (18 months later)

Leica M 10 Safari Edition                   January 2019 (5 months later)

Leica M 10 Monochrome                   Expected March/April 2019


And just for fun….

Leica M 11                                         Expected January / February 2021


I’m really excited about the M10 Monochrome. I shoot about 70-80% in black and white, and based on the amazing files from the original CCD monochrome from the M9 and the even better M 246 – this camera is set to be a must have for me!

Now I just have to tell my wife! 🙂