Canon 5DsR EF16-35mm f/4L USM at 1/400sec f7.1 ISO500


India is by far the easiest and best place I have visited for people photography. Indians actually want their photo taken. They are very laid back and often act without a care in the world. This makes for amazing portrait images without the worries that the western world is obsessed with in regards to public photography. Try taking a shot like this on a beach in the USA or Australia. It would not take long for the police to show up. Seriously.

Whilst taking stock photos of Girgaum Chowpatty which is a very famous beach, I was mobbed by these kids. They spoke better English than myself and all wanted their photo taken. In this image they are literally fighting for the camera’s attention. Playfully of course. I didnt have much time to react, so went high shutter and composed as quickly as I could. After about 5 minutes, and wet and sandy hands from many handshakes, I walked back to the car knowing these were the ‘shots of the day’.


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