Photo Basecamp is all about helping you find the best location. We are not about telling you exactly the photo to take, but a guide to where we took images and our experiences around this. Our view on editing is much the same.

There is no real single one-click solution to editing. However, over time we have found that we often find ourselves applying very similar settings that work as a base for further edits. Too often preset download sites offer the world and make it seem like you will be the next Annie Leibovitz with a push of a button. This is not the case, and we have sampled enough presets to draw that conclusion!

What we do present to you are some go-to default presets that we use as a starting point. Both Chris and Mike prepare a lot of images for both Stock libraries and in black & white, so we wanted to offer to you the settings that work well for us and take a lot of the editing time out of the process.

Look out for more presets coming soon!


When we started Photo Basecamp the concept was an inspiration jumping off point for location based photo travel. A big part of this is having the info at your fingertips whilst on location. Makes sense! So we have been developing a mobile app for Anroid and soon iOS as well that builds the full site, all the content and articles and packages them in a way that is perfect for the mobile platform whilst making even better use of the great added functionality of smart phones.

We are super excited about this! The app is in beta testing now and will be released soon!

If you are like us, we are constantly changing and customizing our phones to give it a fresh new look, especially with how much we all use them nowadays. One of the easiest ways to spruce up a phone is an amazing photo background, and we have been working on a number of our favorite images that look amazing behind all the app icons. Check them out and give your phone a totally new look.