Photo Basecamp is all about helping you find the best location. We are not about telling you exactly the photo to take, but a guide to where we took images and our experiences around this. Our view on editing is much the same.

We dont want to tell you how to edit and for this to be copied with no originality. However, over time it is obvious that the majority of the time we find ourselves applying very similar settings that work as a base for further edits. Too often preset download sites offer the world and make it seem like you will be the next Annie Leibovitz with a push of a button. This is not the case and I have sampled enough presets to draw that conclusion.

However what we do present to you are some go to default presets that we use as a basis. One can make up their own mind as to whether they like the finished image, however for our lines of work, these are the gold standard for what we begin editing with.

As much as a quicker way to edit we hope that you gain an understanding of what sells in a finished product and why we edit the way we do, instead of a quick fix for your images.