I need things to look forward to. I find as soon as I don’t have a trip to plan, or an event coming up, or an item (ie camera or lens) that I am not researching, I get cabin fever! Having the promise of something, and the excitement it builds, makes doing all the other boring life / adult responsibilities a lot easier.

I don’t relax a lot, I have to have a lot of projects and ideas going on at all times. I don’t own a TV, and can’t really turn off or veg out (my lucky wife!), and although sometimes it may not look like it, we have been super busy at Photo Basecamp recently. We have been working on a lot of new articles, traveling, working on the site to make it more user friendly, building Lightroom Presets for our upcoming store, and, of course, taking lots of photos.

Chris has an amazing article coming up covering a recent trip to Vietnam.

Before starting Photo Basecamp I would often visit sites like Steve Huff Photo or Shoot Tokyo and be disappointed with them when there wasn’t an update. I’m here! Where is the new content?! But now that we have been working on our own site, I’ve come to realize there is so much going on behind the scenes outside of just the uploaded articles. Taking images, editing, processing, writing, working on the backend of the site, SEO optimization, interviews, and of course, our full time careers and family’s ie. life that take priority too.

It’s a lot of work! I forgive you both Steve and Dave!

I spent three days walking all over Venice, Italy and have an ultimate photo walk article covering all the great locations and a lot lesser known hidden spots off the beaten path.

So even though there hasn’t been a lot of uploaded content recently on the site, we have been working on a lot in the background. That’s our excuse anyway!

But as some kind of proof, we wanted to give you a little taste as to what’s coming up on the site. Firstly – a huge bit of news, Chris and Mike are doing a trip together! This seems insignificant, but when one of us lives in LA and the other in Melbourne, Australia… that’s quite a tough thing to organize.

Both of us, well, me, turned forty last year and Chris’ is coming up soon (old man) so we wanted to get together to celebrate. And what better way than a photo trip sold of as a business expense for tax benefits!

So… we are going to Japan!

Whilst I was visiting Wetzlar and the Leica factory, I took a few side trips through Germany and a quick stop in one of my favorite cities in the world, London.

This is going to be really interesting, because we both have different styles and different gear. Like any creative endeavor, give two artists the same brief and you will get two totally different outcomes. Thats what so great about photography. The gear is not what matters (though its fun), it the eye and vision of the person behind the lens. It will be really interesting to see our different approaches to the same locations. We will be visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and a number of smaller side trips.

I’m stocking up on some more memory cards already!

Chris buys more gadgets and gets a new drone! The photos are amazing, and he has some great articles coming up including some tips and settings that have helped him create some fantastic results.

We also have a lot of great travel articles and locations coming up over the next few weeks and months. Amsterdam, London, an Ultimate Venice Photo Walk, Vietnam, LA Scenic Viewpoints, Germany, and the amazing Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks to name a few.

Along with those, there will some more Leica reviews, including the 75mm Summicron f/2.0 APO lens, the Leica Q, and the new Elpro macro attachments. Chris might finally review some Canon gear. Come on Chris!

Lots more tutorials and tips about selling your images to Stock agencies, drones, Lightroom workflow, seeing in black and white and my new love, film. I’ve been shooting, but also developing my own film and learning to scan it. So many things to do wrong, but such a fun and rewarding experience. (My wife mixes the chemicals. It’s for the best, I’m an Animator, she is the Science Teacher!)

Finally, both Chris and I have updated and simplified our personal folio’s. Check them out below and let us know what you think.